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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EST

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i. very welcome g. this is r.t. live from moscow with me alice head it seems the impact of war on u.s. troops is far greater than the american government could have ever imagined alarming figures show that the suicide rate among veterans who have served in iraq and afghanistan is that a record high. can it take a look at why so many u.s. soldiers feel abandoned by the country they. each day eighteen american veterans commit suicide in the last few years more u.s. military personnel have taken their own lives than have been killed in either iraq or afghanistan the numbers raise a question where is the battle really happening in the field or at home. he was only home for eight months before. he was even took him over to my home is
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mentally. and a year and a half and so when i post tortured. and told him he was number twenty six. these parents share a similar tragedy one of losing their children who had gone to war in iraq strong and healthy man and came back deeply traumatized and haunted by nightmares. thousands of american troops returning home with post-traumatic stress disorder but many refused to seek help from the government in fear it's going to show on their records and they won't be hired anywhere but even those who do seek help are often neglected i want to apply for a job. i applied for unemployment benefits i went to the veterans administration
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for treatment a year after i was discharged because i was feeling suicidal and i was discharged i was refused treatment actually brian little would served in iraq came to this charity event for homeless veterans because he too was homeless he and dozens of other young man and women here along. the route there could not only do many come back from war traumatized but are often left without a roof over their head according to the u.s. national coalition on homelessness forty percent of homeless man are. this staggering number of those who see no other option but to kill themselves push the country's veterans affairs department to start a suicide prevention hotline they claim they've talked to more than ten thousand veterans out of killing themselves iraq and afghan veterans fuel the epidemic and i share your. you know.
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especially so often hear from callers they see no meaning behind the many killings they witnessed any war can be traumatizing for soldiers but the suit side rate among vets in the u.s. is now the highest seems the vietnam war there was no similar surge after world war two civilians questioning the motive of the war is now reflected among many young american vantz whose own down drives them even closer to the brink looking at the plight of veterans in the us one can't help asking what is the cost of war is it the one point eight trillion dollars the u.s. spent in iraq and afghanistan last year or is it the shattered lives of hundreds of thousands of soldiers who come back home to find out their battle for survival has just begun. our take clinton maryland. well coming up in just a few minutes the freedom of speech falling under attack in the states.
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curlew jailed for filming a protest fellside america's alleged school of the functions of the being released on bail we have first hundred their experience of so-called media freedom. the defense ministry wants to know if its troops abused prisoners in iraq the media and wiki leaks of a popular some evidence but they won't give military chiefs all the data in case it puts their sources in danger well done mugs nato allies are also staying tight lipped and. reports all the whistleblower think there are more sinister motives. when the going gets tough the tough go to for help that's what denmark's military officials have apparently resorted to there after access to classified documents to try to establish where a danish forces were involved in prisoner abuse in iraq. if anything had happened
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in a wrong way of course we should be open about that we are asked to provide us the four hundred thousand documents so we can actually work them through together with our own own information and then compare but the whistleblower website was not the first place denmark went to in its supposed quest for the truth a danish newspaper had the documents in its possession for quite some time and not from the same source as we can weeks we're not going to give them to the defense forces because this is the source protection thing called newspaper with the paper keen to protect informants identities the danish military ran into another dead end after being refused access to information by nato and their american counterparts. have been forced to turn to wiki leaks ironically we got to see those documents before they did. not have these logs have been seen by danish military chiefs something which journalists here find astonishing could get the documents from the
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americans because the americans a close ally often mark and these documents are american former military intelligence officer frank gravel thinks there is a different agenda at work or we don't have a very formal. viewpoint regarding freedom of speech. so as to sort of sort of if it's embarrassing and leaked they will do whatever counterpart national messenger. himself was arrested and jailed six years ago for leaking classified information which showed there were no weapons of mass destruction in iraq and if military top brass don't like what they discovered this time it might just be that once again it will be a website which tells the danish people what their soldiers were really doing in iraq. coming up restoring a lake back to the question. metal
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monsters like this fishing vessel sit here abandoned waiting for the sea water to return to the deserts of kazakstan with international rehabilitation efforts taking us back to the erroll sea proves it may once again return i'm one of the friends join me in central asia to explore what used to be one of the world's largest landlocked bodies of water. journalists in the united states on the question after an all news team spent around thirty two hours in jail following the coverage of a protest rally offices the crew before marching to a police. thank you you only. correspondent kate you unfold to scrolling to police.
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the rest. while we were filming we were asked to step aside we were asked to step onto the sidewalk which we did this is documented in the footage that we shot we turned our backs and all of a sudden we were being arrested we were not told what we were being charged with we were taken to the county jail it took about four hours for us to be told what we were being charged with and we were processed through the system and we actually spent thirty two hours in the county jail there in georgia even though we were clearly credentialed press were accredited with the united states congress we presented our press credentials and they still arrested as we were charged just as all the i was there activist were all of us were found guilty of every single charge brought against us there was no distinction made between the press and between the you know the activists that were there and the bystanders the innocent bystanders so really we we felt as journalists that we didn't have protection of freedom of the press we didn't have the first amendment rights and it's interesting
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that this happened outside of the school of the america where they're training soldiers and police to do these kind of actions against populations of latin america and much of the same repression was seen on the streets of the united states the cases and over again we did appear before a judge in many ways it was the most undemocratic i would say prophet as you know sort of miscarriage of justice i mean a lot of us weren't even permitted to speak we weren't even prince minutes and hear what the police officers were saying against as or permitted to respond it was sort of the judge chose to not only. press charges against us and decided even though it was an arraignment but also sentences and were also facing state charges for unlawful assembly which as journalists we obviously are not part of an unlawful assembly where they're covering it under our first amendment rights. the american constitution first amendment guarantees free speech but human rights
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activist david swanson says the are to arrest highlights creasing numbers of journalists are unable to exercise that right. do you know we have a little ray of tactics used by the us government and the military we have media outlets bombed in the course of our wars we have journalists shot at we have to go on spokespeople secretly paid to say what they supposedly think go television we have feet news reports generated by the government and we have a campaign of intimidation that is very very successful and it's you know there are two disgraceful things that happened here one when the rest of journalists and activists and to last us media outlets not there not risking arrest complying with her desires of those who power or successfully intimidated. of course you can more news stories from r.t. by logging on to our website about salty dot com he is also a quick look at what else is online play you at the moment breaking up is russian
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lawmakers lead by example in the fight for no smoking as a. kid at home alone how to make the internet a safer place to feel children all that and more dot com. decades ago an agricultural bid to boost the soviet economy nearly destroyed central asia is great. now there's an even more ambitious plan on the way to reverse one of the world's worst a manmade environmental disasters in the files reports from pakistan all attempts to bring this dying link back on the brink. there are people living at this harbor who have never seen the water which once lapped at its walls the former port
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city of a raskin kazakstan was wanting a bustling hub of business and human activity but beginning in the one nine hundred sixty s. rivers feeding massive cotton fields for the soviet union diverted water away from the rivers that fed the erroll sea they have to hope and i can see was close to the city my husband and i had and would swim to the islands for picnics on the weekend we swam and lay in the sun place of the sea started moving away the waters became shallow and then just joined up my children so i don't in the pictures until the waters were so aggressively diverted the air all sea was the size of ireland the disappearing sea took with it fishing jobs commerce and an entire way of life just a few decades ago where i'm standing now as far as the eye could see was bright blue water ships just like this bobbing up and down bringing in the day's catch now when
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you drive across the former seabed all you see is abandoned villages abandoned ships and camels now people here call it errol coom or errol desert. out of school more to soviet planned economy is largely to blame for the dying of the aral sea all decisions are made a mess go which took no account of the ecological balance of that region the consequences of that could be felt as early as in the one nine hundred sixty s. the r.e.c. region the fines the terms pre-crisis crisis and disaster. it was after the collapse of the soviet union that people were faced with the seriousness of the disaster the sea had split in two in two thousand and five experts harnessed what little water still flowed into the lesser erroll see from this river by building the cocoa. and eighty seven million dollar project funded in part by the world bank the smaller body of water had become the great hope of the future. we had over
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two hundred people here from russia and his back a step the work was very hard and many of us lived here on site for two or three years but now we're happy to say the time has come to pack up the structure is working perfectly. welcome to news after years of failed dam projects and wasted water in just a few short years these small downs have turned parts of the cows like desert back into a seascape dotting it would be. the hope is that as the project progresses the dams will be built even higher keeping more water is extending the boundaries and the boundaries of the us are errol back to the city. when the sea left us my husband did not want to leave this place he used to say children would grow to see with their own eyes even before he died he believed that the sea would come back. now as the excess water flows through the sluices it disappears out into the
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nearly and greater peril see no grand scheme for saving that this not for the one million people living in kazakstan poorest region measurable improvement will only come when these shores once again fill with folks lindsey france r.t. kazakstan. and that was the latest report in our series focusing on one of the world's worst environmental disasters and stay with us for more on the region's. ok islands coalition government is collapsing under the weight of protests of having to accept nearly ninety billion euros of aid to bail out stricken economy the country's prime minister is promising an election in the new year once the emergency budget has been approved with the e.u. and the i.m.f. are financially propping up ireland with this that. is in rescue up to greece was thrown a lifeline a few months ago ireland's debt is estimated to be ten times the size of its
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economy but the financial chaos in dublin again putting the survival of the single currency under threat and nervous markets are focusing on that the next week is to commies portugal spain and italy british m.p. douglas the carswell from the country's ruling conservative party told r.t. that the eurozone is like sharing your bank account with a neighbor who just can't stop spending you cannot have a common fear currency and a common set of interest rates and a common monetary policy across disparate economies and if you try and do that you're putting political delusion ahead of economic reality and millions of europeans are paying the price we thought what we had was a currency union. and we thought it would be to economic advantage on the contrary it turns out the back currency union in the column. has actually damaged economies who don't get the interest rate in the monetary policy they need worse it creates a debt you know which in effect means that the twenty seven member states have
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a common bank account and i will probably happen if you shared your bank account with your twenty seven neighboring houses in the street where you live you would probably find that one of your members spent more than they should that's exactly what's up in the euro it's not sustainable. ok one of today's other top stories in brief this hour a north korea threatening new dog ging strikes against the self if it violence there disputed the border the north also claims that its neighbor was the first to file tender we shells all the stolen says it acted in retaliation after rockets hit one of its own and it was initially reported that north korea fired over two hundred rounds across its western maritime border destroying dolphins' of howells's itself says the attack killed two marines and injured at least fourteen people. at least three hundred and seventy five people have been killed in a stampede during a concert in the capital of combo dia huge crowds gathered on
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a small island for the final day of the water festival one of the country's largest public events most of the victims were crushed while others drowned trying to flee an overcrowded bridge the cambodian prime minister called it the nation's biggest tragedy since the camero rouge mass killings and so. it's a race against time as international organizations try to save the tiger from extinction russia is helping worldwide efforts by raising forty five million dollars at the tiger forum in st petersburg. reports of russia's other efforts to save the species. the used to be one of the most dangerous species on earth that is until humans nearly destroyed their population currently there are just over three thousand tigers left in the wild saving them is a tough task this park in southern russia is home to eleven tigers and contrary to
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popular belief they breed very well here since this place is not really is what started out as an animal shelter. tigers first appeared here just a few years ago they were taken away by a court order from st photographers who often mistreat at the animals. after we nursed them they gave birth to the first litter the two male cubs and one year later cassandra and cleopatra were born you can see them here they feel very well now. here in the given park the animals are provided with medical treatment fresh food and lots of living space the place is also home to a tiger celebrity marshall was given to put in as a birthday present in two thousand and eight and he later gave her up for adoption according to the world wildlife fund russia has developed a simple yet effective strategy of saving this endangered species besides setting aside protected areas it includes a ban on hunting and anti-poaching activities that allowed us to operation in the
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russian far east from about. as low as fifty animals in the middle of the last century about three hundred by the eighty's now for the last twenty years work of. the level of four to five hundred animals however in many countries these animals are on the brink of extinction the current summit on the issue in st petersburg is looking at turning the old it round the world thirteen tiger range nations are hoping to double the population of the species by twenty twenty two that will be a boon not just for tigers themselves but for the millions around the world who love them. in the region. that is the way the new truth is our hell not eating away they will they just business now with katie now.
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her welcome to business that we start with an exclusive to our t.v. e's energy commissioner says europe will avoid another freeze out this winter ukraine which transits most of russia's gas to the e.u. has started a fresh pricing route with gas problems that's raised fears over pete of two thousand and nine when a similar spat cut the supply to thousands of european homes but after the meeting gazprom enough but after meeting gas from enough to gas ukraine bosses. says this time europe is ready. to pass. some surprises me in two thousand and nine eleven really. believe the only mechanism. we have to trust them more and more transparent in those dialogue and so i. cannot avoid any part of the rises in gas between one and you. meanwhile there's a growing energy investment standoff between russia and the e.u. energy minister sergei shmuck also says it boils down to brussels gas problem cause
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it forbids the gas giant from buying into e.u. energy pipelines until foreign firms can do the same here in russia but in the interview for r.t. smart co ruled that out. but these sore point in our relations i guess problem has already made some investments in europe and we should protect those investments more carefully is they were in good faith pregnant pensive dialogue with the energy commission today and will continue to try mutually beneficial outcome. let foreign companies use is just pipeline system as the e.u. demands on your system of this point is not up for discussion we have strict national completely cordoned monopoly control of the gas transport network is on the world's most inefficient uses of energy you'd go so far as to say saving energy is now your number one target and energy efficiency today is a work key priority who waste four times more energy than to europe or japan
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because both homes and industry get power on the cheap it's affecting our competitiveness today that changing energy is becoming a significant part of domestic and industrial costs or when you lot when energy efficiency will maintain that we can make energy savings of forty percent by two thousand and twenty but private companies must raise those improvements not government as happens in some other countries. have declined on korean clash markets are also under pressure from arlen's financial and political turmoil the foot is losing point six percent on the dax down a quarter of a percent this hour banking stocks are weighing on the footsie barclays down over two percent up here unless of course the r.t.s. and my eyes it's down the sour following day deterioration of the global stock and commodity markets energy stocks are the biggest drag on the back of the drop in oil prices crossing after shouting over at the sands on the r.t.s. is shedding a one point three percent homosex bucking the trend though it was hard for that's
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trading one to have the same higher. x. five retail group is considering buying the most marching last march has said it is looking for options to sell some of its outlets or the business as a whole. it currently owns sixteen stores across russia analysts say x five is probably most interested in the four moscow retail centers worth three hundred million dollars x. five is also holding talks to buy another week telecom pick up. in this and has decided to buy ten percent developed of us reports a japanese newspaper after the purchase they were known as santa lives with thirty five percent of the russian comic earlier reports said the two hundred ninety million dollars deal is expected to be signed next spring the nikkei newspaper also adds that when only some plans to start a joint production of small sized cars after balls in two thousand and twelve. staying legally destry folks wagon group was considering building a second plant in the cullinan grad region local authorities say company
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representatives plan to visit the region to spec the area next year fox wagon opened its first russian factory two years ago in the colegrove region that today produces and welcome. but this gal who plans to produce mercy to russia would die where the joint project will require more than one hundred sixty million dollars of investment the plan is the plan is to produce sixty thousand vehicles a year starting late two thousand and twelve. we're also explored about twelve million tonnes of coal to china this year the chinese vice premier says that's two million more than china expected only a few months ago meeting with russian deputy prime minister in good situation he said he has a positive outlook for energy cooperation between russia and china. and russia shipping group pescado may build a grain terminal at the vladivostok commercial seaport within three years the company's vice president says the final date depends on japanese part as he told
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two corporations this so it's corporation. it will eventually buy the grain. to construct the telling all with siberian agrarian holding a terminal worth around thirty five million dollars will initially have capacity to ship one to two million tons of grain think. about the latest we have for you in the world of theirs but there's still more to come in the next hour or so hope get on with that. you're.
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welcome back it's what this is a suicide rates among us veterans returning from conflict things rockets to record levels homelessness post-traumatic stress government negligence of being blamed for driving them to desperation. and. defense ministry tons to whistleblowers to. be as prisoners and all but former intelligence officer . trying to improve what. the tigers were once one of the world's mikey is president today fighting for their very existence now russia is rallying thirty nations to save them from extinction. years from what one of france's leading political scientists use outspoken views have allowed him.


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